White Hawk Indian Council

Who We Are   – Whitehawk/  Ixtatutli

since 1983, Whitehawk Indian Council for Children, a 503(c) non-profit organization has existed in Watsonville, CA.  Whitehawk’s aim is to provide the children and youth of our community, the opportunities to both learn and experience the culture and traditions of our indigenous ancestors. This is primarily accomplished through danza.

We believe that by teaching aspects of indigenous identity and spirituality we empower our children and youth to have a holistic and positive view of themselves.   By embracing our children’s and youth’s cultural education we are affirming our involvement for a healthy community.  Our investment in our children and youth is so much that we do not charge a fee to join our group.

Although our focus is teaching children and youth, we also welcome adults who wish to join our circle. 


Our primary focus is teaching ancient dances of Mexico, most commonly known as Aztec dance or danza.  These dances have been passed down for many generations and we strive to maintain the original teachings as they were taught to us.  Our dances are shared at community events and presentations, but we also host our annual Xilonen ceremony- a rites of passage for young women.  Our Xilonen ceremony is well known in the danza community and many danza circles within California and elsewhere come to support and participate.  We also make it a point to attend other danza ceremonies that are held by other calpullis (danza groups) throughout the year.  Within our circle, participants must earn the right to wear ayoyotes (ankle instruments), and we help them make their danza regalia. In addition, we supply all materials to participants 18 years and under who have earned their ayoyotes.

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