White Hawk Indian Council

Our circle of Ixtatutli/White Hawk has been in existence here in the Pajaro Valley since 1983. Our fire is kindled and supported by many different circles of danza, including the people of the Temescalli and Teocalli Tlanezi Mexica, living throughout the state of California, Arizona and also Mexico. We have a continuous flow of visitors and devoted supporters that frequent our activities at temporary facilities. Since Ixtatutli/White Hawk’s inception we have committed ourselves to provide the youth of our community, the opportunities to both learn and experience the culture and traditions of our ancestors. This is accomplished through danza, mural projects, drumming and singing, along with many other forms of artistic and cultural expression, locally and throughout the state. At the same time we advocate care for the Earth, its creatures and its natural resources.

The group is primarily aimed at engaging local youth who are searching for an identity. We remind them of their connection to their indigenous roots and the Earth. We provide them with support, encouragement, safety, a sense of belonging, and a family like atmosphere. We would like to stress that all our events are drug and alcohol free.

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